Sunday, February 17, 2008

Raki Vega

They say that real talent is hard to find. Not here in Cebu where practically anybody can sing and not just sing but world class talents. We have produced a lot of Cebuana Divas like Dulce, Dessa, Vina Morales, Verni Varga, Ana Fegi, Sheryn Regis and the latest singing sensation, Rochelle "Raki" Vega. Tagged as the "Ultimate Born Diva", which she won in the prestigious nationwide singing competition by ABS-CBN - "Born Diva".

She bested seven other contestants with her unique and powerful singing voice. Her winning piece was "Today" which was written by an award winning songwriter, Trina Belamide. But this Cebuana is more than a Diva in heart, even with her new appearance (had her nose and eyes done which was part of the contest), P200,000 cash prize, a recording contract with Star Records and a house and lot, she has remained true to her roots and has kept humble even with her new found fame and fortune.

Raki from Mandaue, Cebu, started singing when she was 3 yrs old, was part of a church choir at the age of 8 and has joined a lot of amateur singing contests here in Cebu and also known as the "Jingle Queen". For her love of music, she became a music teacher at Asian Academy of Music.

For her, winning the contest is God's plan to use her in spreading His goodness through her voice and music. She is also part of a foundation which is an advocacy group for human rights, environment and against corruption.

She had been chosen then by Actor's Actors Inc, to lead the role of Ti Moune, a peasant girl, in a musical play called "Once on this Island" with Jeffrey Hidalgo and other powerhouse casts in Manila.

Once again, this has proven that with real talent, respect for your roots and faith in God can surely bring you places

Cebu in Focus - The Cebuana Diva

Raki Vega bagged gold at Broadway

Here’s the straight message from Ms. Raki after winning at the Broadway.

“Hi everyone. Good day! Praise God! I got the chance to be a 2007 Champion of the World Grand Finalist among 5000 acts. I was among the Top 5 Senior Vocal soloists in the World. I got 2 gold plaques as 2007 senior female vocal champion of the world in Broadway & Contemporary categories, 3 Gold Medals, 2silver medals & an Industry medal award. Thank you very much for your prayers. God is so good! Mabuhay Cebu! Mabuhay Philippines!:)”- rochelle raki vega

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